Welcome to the Tennis Club Quepos, the new tennis club in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The Tennis Club has been open since April 2011, it is open for locals and tourists who want to learn and enjoy tennis.


To promote the tennis in the area as an alternative activity for locals and tourists, which allows people to enjoy the weather, the flora and fauna in a healthy and educative way.


To promote a social union through an sport and to encourge people to enjoy the nature sorrounding the club.

The club objectives are:

  • To organize friendly competitions and profesionals events national and international level.
  • To give private and clinics classes to people of all ages.
  • To establish partnerships with different tourist companies of the area.
  • Keep a warm welcome to members.
  • Facilitate the tennis in the region of Quepos

The tennis club was developed thanks to Daniel Auberson, director of the international tournament "Senior Geneva Open" in the International Tennis Club in Switzerland. He has an experience of over 40 years in the tennis and more than 20 years experience in construction. He chose to create the club in Costa Rica because of its pleasant climate, the nature and way of life. In addition, the Manuel Antonio area is continually developing this place is ideal for meeting people interested who want to discover a new sport. Palmas Pacifica was the best choice to build the new tennis club in collaboration with Richard Lemire for the construction of the project in Palma Pacifica.

The tennis club is also environmentally friendly. It uses solar panels, water reclamation, recycling facilities and recycled materials for construction. The sustainable development of tennis will be in line with the environmental and natural Pacifica Palma.

The club is a great place to learn a new sport, meet people, be active and have fun.

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Tennis Club Quepos

Phone: +506 8666 4212

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